NBA Elite Show Stops With Promo Video

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Not much has been said about NBA Elite recently, minus the fact that you can re-live your 90s and play retro style NBA Jam in glorious HD. However, to alleviate some of those claims that EA Sports forgotten it’s long-standing basketball title, for the hotly anticipated return of Michael Jordan.

So with the video comes a little look into how you will have to create your character, and put him through their paces in “Legend Mode” Coming up from nothing, you’ll have to earn your credit and build up your fan base. The video (which has commentary by producer Sean Campbell) also highlights the bonuses for pre-ordering the game – some sweet Jordan kicks for your player! – and some mini-clips of some of the game’s biggest players receiving their first draft and how it felt.

It’s not to shappy considering the more we wait, the sweeter the return. Expect more from NBA Elite as times gets closer, so just be sure you pre-order.

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