Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta Now Available For Download

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It’s no secret that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are charging ahead to wrestle away adopters of Internet Explorer. With that known, it should come as no surprise to expect Microsoft to unveil a browser that in a sense, “changes the web browsing experience”. But can they do it?

Today, in San Francisco, at the Design Concourse Center, Microsoft unveiled the beta for Internet Explorer 9 to a group of its employees, journalists, and developers. With a promise to “beautify the web”, we are hoping for a strong capable browser that’s able to exceed all expectations.

Feature should include:

  • a cleaner user interface (THANK YOU)
  • Pinned sites
  • Jump Lists (integration with Windows 7)
  • HTML5 Support
  • Add-on Performance Advisor
  • Developer Tools (F12)

Check out the image for a complete snapshot of some of the features in this latest version.

So hit up the link below to download the latest IE, Internet Explorer 9 Beta, and let us know what you think about the new features and how seamless they are for you. But remember, this is just a beta.

Hey, we’re downloading it! Are you?

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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