Google To Continue Steady Acquisition Pace, Google Me Possibly On The Way This Fall

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Google plans to gradually introduce social-networking features starting this fall which could possibly mean that the long anticipated Google Me, which most believe to be Google’s answer to Facebook, is coming at least in parts sometime this fall. But if you are thinking that this will be a site that directly competes with Facebook you would be wrong, maybe. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt they intend to work in “layers” of social networking to its sites, rather than unveil a flashy product. To propel that effort, he intends to sustain its pace of acquisitions.

“We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Schmidt told a select group of reporters at Zeitgeist, a gathering of business partners and high-profile industry figures.

For a company that has such brilliant products from time to time, when it comes to social media they haven’t even come close to getting it right. They announced that they were shutting down Google Wave at the end of the year and Orkut which some folks thought could originally compete with Facebook has only maintained popularity in South America and India.

While Google is keeping their social networking plans close to the vest, one thing is for sure they understand that the social network could become “the” platform around which everything else revolves and you can be sure they are not ready to concede the space to Facebook just yet.

Google has made several smaller acquisitions over the past few months that have most of the folks who know thinking that Google is beefing up for an all out onslaught against Facebook at some point but at this point that’s all speculation.

This year Google acquired a series of small to mid-sized companies, including a $182 million deal to take over social networking firm Slide, and a $700 million offer for airline ticketing firm ITA Software Inc (which is still awaiting regulatory approval).

In an exclusive interview with Reuters Tuesday, Schmidt even weighed in on the economy saying “It’s unlikely we’ll have a double dip for all the reasons people talked about. A much more likely scenario is slow or no growth for a few years.”

Well kids this should get interesting over the next few months, but answer us this if Google did come out with a competitive social networking service to Facebook, would you use it?

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