Atari Has A New Puzzle Game For Us, The UnderGarden

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I’m very much a fan of casual gaming.  I’ll sometimes just pick up my iPad and fiddle with an arcade-style game or simply play solitaire.  Except in the rare cases of games like Portal and Half-Life where I don’t mind some dedicated time, I’m generally touch-and-go with my gaming.

So, Atari’s new The UnderGarden game appeals to me, especially since it’s an exploratory puzzle game.  I know, not everyone’s into puzzle games and that’s just fine.  But, for those that are, you might find this of interest.  Read on for more. The UnderGarden will have 20 levels of puzzles to explore, along with accompanying music and interesting environments.  It may be kitschy, but the scenery and especially the music in/to which games like this are set can make the difference between an okay game and a good one – for me, anyway.

It will even support local co-operative play, which can be a boon for some of those harder puzzles or when you just want something engaging to do with a friend.  The UnderGarden will hopefully be able to offer that to a wide variety of gamers as it will be released on the PS3, 360, and PC platforms for a suggested retail price of $9.99.

So, if you enjoy puzzle games with a little bit of style to them, look for The UnderGarden later this winter.  Sign up for updates here!

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