Intel To Offer New And Improved Features For Its’ 2011 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family

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Intel Corporation today announced some of the new and improved features we can expect for their 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors. Most of these features within the Intel Chip will be aimed at providing better performance, battery life management, and visually related features within the chips.

According to Business Wire, the new chip codenamed “Sandy Bridge” will:

  • Be based on Intel’s first new “Visibly Smart” micro-architecture
  • Include a new “ring” architecture that allows the built-in processor graphics engine to share resources such as cache, or a memory reservoir, with the processor’s core to increase a device’s computing and graphics performance while maintaining energy efficiency
  • Includes an enhanced version of Intel® Turbo Boost Technology that automatically shifts or reallocates processor cores and processor graphics resources to accelerate performance, tailoring a workload to give users an immediate performance boost when needed
  • Come with Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX). AVX delivers improved performance, rich functionality and the ability to better manage, rearrange and sort data.

So when will you get all of this on your laptop or PC? They’re expected early next year! Hopefully this 2nd Genertaion Intel Core processor changes the game entirely. We’ll see!


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