WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Main Roster Revealed, More To Be Announced

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Earlier this week, THQ held its second annual Smackdown Vs Raw roster reveal show which was broadcast live from Gamespot. The event seemed to go over well with a bit of trivia, a live game demo, and even a tournament where the winner got a “real” WWE Title Belt. But those were just side shows to the main event, revealing the majority of the roster of WWE Superstars that would appear in this year’s game. This year’s game will feature more WWE Superstars for you to choose from than ever before, and this list isn’t all the name’s that will be announced once it’s all said and done. The show itself wasn’t bad with Justin Roberts, WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel, current WWE Diva Eve Torres, and current United States Champion and Money in the Bank contract holder Mike “The Miz” Mizanin all in attendance. I just have to say that I never in a million years thought that Mike from the Real World would not only fulfill his dream to become a wrestling superstar one day, but actually be pretty good at it.


But I know you are like enough of that, you want to know who is in the game and that we can definitely help you with, check out the list of superstars  that have currently been revealed for WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 by THQ.

On the RAW side of the house we have:

Chris Jericho – He was the first ever undisputed champion people, Y2J had to make it or else he would just “break the walls down”.

David Hart Smith – One half of the Tag Team champions, but if it weren’t for that I might not have been shattered if he didn’t make it in.

Edge – He’s the Rated R superstar people, need I say more?

Evan Bourne – Evan Bourne has been as consistent as any young superstar in the WWE and he definitely deserves to be in the game, they don’t call him Mr. Airbourne for nothing.

Ezekiel Jackson –  Big Zeke has been on the sideline due to injury since making his way to RAW a while back, but the man is vicious when he is healthy and once he is there will be hell to pay.

Goldust – Yeah, Goldust is like 40 now, but he’s “The Bizarre One”  and I don’t think THQ wanted to know what he would do if he didn’t make the roster, yeah he’s weird.

John Cena – You Can’t Be Him, well at least not unless you buy SVR 11. He’s the man, no surprise hear.


The Viper Is As Vicious As Ever

John Morrison – Morrison is definitely not being used to his full potential on Raw but the kid’s got talent and we aren’t surprised he made it.

Mark Henry – He is the The World’s Strongest Man, enough said how could he not make it.

Primo – Primo was our first real huh?

R-Truth – The young kids love him and his style, and he is actually pretty talented if they would ever just give him a real bump.

Randy Orton – Of course The Viper would be lurking around on the roster, just waiting to RKO someone.

Santino Marella – The whole Miss Wrestlemania drag thing aside, he is a two time Intercontinental Champion so we won’t argue

Shawn Michaels – This one shocked some folks due to his recent “retirement” (though wrestlers never really retire they just take long breaks), but the Heartbreak Kid’s never a bad pick.

Sheamus – Yes he is an oddly shaded individual but he is the current WWE Champion and definitely force to be reckoned with.

Ted DiBiase – The son of Million Dollar Man hasn’t exactly been knocking us over lately, but the name alone probably gets him in.

The Miz – The Awesome One is definitely in the building and he is the current United States Champion, Money in the Bank contract holder with an eye on the WWE Championship some say.


"The Awesome One" Himself, The Miz

Triple H – Are you ready to play the game, we always are.

Tyson Kidd – Having any kind of gold around your waste (one half of the Tag Champs) almost assures you a spot on the roster because otherwise I think there is no way he makes it.

Vladimir Kozlov – Such promise once, now he has been reconciled to gimmick status but we won’t argue this one for nostalgia sake.

William Regal – Regal has been that impressive as of late, but even after years in the WWE he is still one of the most technically proficient wrestlers in the WWE today and that has to count for something.

Yoshi Tatsu – He has lots of talent, his high flying antics will be the stuff of legend one day if his body holds up, he is just made under used right now.

Zack Ryder –Woo! Woo! Woo! Popular catch phrases aside, he is definitely on the bubble if you ask me.

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