PlayStation Turns 15: Give Them Your Birthday Wishes

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On this day a mere fifteen years ago, the United States was graced with a delightful little box that would end up bringing the world in to the digital age of gaming. With it’s disc-load tech rather than cartridge, and going up against the goliath-like being known as Nintendo in the 90s, Sony and the PlayStation revolutionized the industry. While there has always been separate ‘camps’ for each respected global player (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony), one cannot forget what Sony has done, or how it got there.

Whether it was Lara Croft and her pixelated and buxom goodness, or Ape Escape and the delightful antics of primates, the PlayStation has brought something for everyoneComing into the game barebones and swinging solo, Sony had to work form the ground up, competing with titles already with a substantial fanbase like Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and numerous more.

So doing what they had to, they worked on refinement of their technology and quality. Giving players the ability to play DVD’s, connectivity for online and local play, and the games that will make your head spin like Pa Rappa, the PlayStation is standing strong and still here today.

So today, give a little thanks, wipe the dust off your latest model, and drop a little line or two saying your favorite memory or moment from the past fiften years. Plus, in case you forgot anything, we were kind enough to give you a little bit of a background in the form of a fancy infographic.

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