Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Reveals Its Roots

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Finally giving you the chance to get the background behind the Sora, Mickey, and the rest of the Heartless in a new PSP go-around, Kingdon Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Giving you both three new characters to play as, a new enemy to fight against, and a plethora of new levels and abilities to master, the game is both more and less like the games you love and remember while giving you the sense of accomplishment.

Walking in the shoes of Aqua, Ventus or Terra (each with their own set of pros and cons), you’ll wield your keyblade and go up against the Unversed in several new Disney-verses. Places like Stitch’s Deep Space Sector, Cinderella’s Castle, and the Dwarf’s Woodlands from Snow White.

Though the more interesting piece, aside from this explaining the origins of the tale or the astounding voice talent (really… Leonard Nimoy, Jessy McCarthy, Haley Jole) is the upgraded battle system. Taking a Crisis Core take on the battle, you’ll be able to combine attacks and abilities in different ways to give you the edge in battle. For example, combining blizzard and a melee attack to get an ice-based strike, and getting a faster cooldown than normal.

The game is out in stores, and is for the PSP and set for $39.99. While that is no small set of coins, it is certainly worth it to start a story you actually started more than a decade ago.

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