Madden 11 Update #2, Pre-Play Controls Return, Madden Moments LIVE, Ultimate Team Fixed?

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Today the folks at EA Sports announced the 2nd title update, bringing with it a brand new game mode for you to enjoy as well as some fixes, improvements, and new content. We are here to outline everything that included in the most recent update that is out right now.  In the blog post announcing these title updates, EA mentions improvements to Ultimate Team, but it doesn’t directly say whether or not the issues that have been plaguing the mode have been fixed, see here and here.


A New Game Mode

Madden Moments LIVE: Ever dream of recreating the pivotal moments of a big game? Madden Moments LIVE allows you to do exactly that and more. No pre-game here; Madden Moments LIVE drops you right into clutch situations and tests your ability to be a true playmaker. Each week over the course of the season, the Madden team will be releasing new moments for you to enjoy from the biggest NFL games of the weekend.

We’re kicking things off with “March of the Saints,” a series of Madden Moments LIVE that put you in control of Drew Brees and the “Who Dat” nation as they stage some of the most improbable comebacks in recent history on their road to the Super Bowl.

Start playing some online games to collect some coins, though, because future Madden Moments LIVE entries will be purchasable every week. You can even stay ahead of the game and purchase the whole season’s worth. You can expect 2-4 new moments each week, and EA wants you tell tell them via their official forums which moments from this upcoming season you would like to see.

This update will as we mentioned bring back pre-play controls that we all know and love, improvements to Ultimate Team including being able to view your opponents lineup (know who you are playing before you play). There are several other updates to presentation, server fixes and a few miscellaneous tweaks.


EA says that they know that some things still need to be fixed and that those are in the next title update targeted for the end of this month, pending third party approval. That’s it guys, what do you think, have you downloaded the updates yet? Is the game noticeably better to you? Is Ultimate Team now working properly for you?  You can read the actual blog post on EA’s Madden NFL Blog for complete details of what’s included in this update.

Note: PS3 users will automatically update if they are signed online.

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