Jailbreakers: Sony Says You’re Bad People

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It’s always a cat-and-mouse game between software/hardware developers and the people who use their products when it comes to the world of unlocking, jailbreaking, rooting, or what have you.  People want their systems the way they want them and – barring any nefarious activities – I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be able to have them as such.

Sony begs to differ. As with Apple and a number of other comapnies eternally patching their systems to keep users out, Sony has released an otherwise useless patch (as far as we know) to keep people from jailbreaking their Playstation 3‘s.Though, they are pretty tight-lipped on the 3.42 update’s details, it’s been confirmed that it breaks the previously functional jailbreak for all PS3’s.  Granted, yes, the jailbreak can be modified to allow playing of pirated games, but it was originally intended to allow users to still access Playstion 3 functions AND keep their “Install Other OS” option without the mandatory update being required.

A spokesperson told BBC News: “Since this is an overall security related issue, we will not be providing further commentary to this case.”  So, there you have it.  They pulled the same stunt so many other developers have and just yanked something with nary a reason as to why.  I understand protecting intellectual property, etc…but this seems like another finger to the users out there.  For those who DO want to be able to run Linux on their beloved PS3’s, Sony’s telling them “nuh-uh” without a real reason.

Personally, I don’t have a use for the “Install Other OS” option but I know others do.  And, honestly, if that was one of the selling points and functions initially offered on their console, it seems heinous to arbitrarily remove it when it was causing no issue. Way to go, Sony.

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