Call of Duty: Black Ops Sheds Light On Their Voice Talent

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While it’s no small cover-up that more and more big-named actors are heading into the realms of virtual reality, what is is when and who’s doing it. While some game supporters like Nathan Fillion and Aisha Taylor have dropped more than their fair share of lines, others like Gary Oldman and Ed Harris have stepped in, and into a realm that is something they aren’t so unfamiliar with.


Oldman (Batman: Dark Knight, Fifth Element, Harry Potter) who has worked with the Call of Duty and Activision before, is returning as Viktor Reznov.Harris (Apollo 13, History of Violence, Pollock) on the other hand, is getting the badge as CIA operative Jason Hudson. While both have the serious star power behind them, it’s another thing to make sure the talent doesn’t take you out of the game. While I have no fear in that with these two actors, it’s one thing to always keep in mind.

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