Portal 2 Shows The Love With Co-op Screens

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If Valve is good at anything, it’s getting us attached to a character, without them having to say a single, solitary word. In the case of the un-named bots for the co-op campaign for Portal 2 (which I have begun to refer to them as Red and Blue, much like our friends over at Joystiq) it,s the fact that they have so much personality, with just a mere look.

A few things to consider both when looking over these images and while you wait for actual information: Why are they hugging, and where can I get one? Other things to consider are more game-related, such as the prospect that you will be able to both choose the level that you and your partner will traverse, along with the need for respawning your secondary character. So if say Red falls prey to a batch of turrets, Blue has to fine a respawning terminal before they can procede.

It’s an interesting concept, and one that will lend itself well into the campaign of the two characters, whom both still have no background and no history. At least we can assume that one is a little more go-getting than the other (Blue), and carries more of an Abbot & Costello feel. Regardless, take a look and see how they stack up.

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