New Protection For Your Precioussss iPod touch

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I generally appreciate Belkin accessories – I’ve certainly used them on & with other devices.  And, though I don’t own an iPod touch, these cases Belkin just released are pretty snazzy.  I like the approach they’re taking in the new design line – catering to the different ways people most frequently use and store their touches.  Read on past the break for more.

They offer several different designs among these main groups of cases: Grip, Shield, Verve, and Fit Armbands.  They also have the usual screen protector overlays in both a clear and glare-reducing matte version. 

The Grip cases are generally intended for those who frequently have their iPod touch in hand and will be handling it regularly, offering a more pleasant, grippy, shock-absorbing cushioning for hands.

Next – the Shield cases – are for those who are more likely to keep their touch in something as opposed to carrying it around in their hands.  They offer greater protection from the dark hazards lurking in your pants or purse.  For the more fashion conscious, there are the Verve cases. These slim-fitting leather covers offer a little less “obviously a gadget” look.  And finally, their Fit Armbands, for the more active denizens among us who want some tunes while they’re dodging vehicles and other vicious lifeforms.

All in all, they look spiffy and, had I an iPod touch, I’d probably have one of these cases for it.  The aforementioned and more can be found here.

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