Sony Qriocity – It’s Good to Be Connected

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I tend to like Sony hardware.  As far as TVs go, it comes down to either Samsung or Sony for me in terms of hardware quality, look, features, etc.  And then there’s the PlayStation 3 – which I love.  And one hypothetical day in the future where I’m not poor, I’d like to have a nice sound system and Sony’s definitely one of the brands I’d consider (if only for the receiver).

Now, all that said, back in November of 2009, Sony announced that they were working on a new network service and we later found out that it was to be called “Qriocity.” This year, at IFA in Berlin (similar to the Consumer Electronics Show here in the States), we found out that this video-on-demand service will be made available in five European countries coming this fall (it has been available here in the US since April, 2010).  The interesting thing about it is that it will be available on many of Sony’s network-connected units, allowing you to stream both standard and high-definition video content among a number of Sony devices.

Sony also announced their plans to launch “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.”  Building off that network platform, it will offer cloud-based music access to users by the end of the year.  Cloud-based computing is a burgeoning industry and it makes sense – purchase & download a song through Music Unlimited on your laptop and have it available on another computer, etc.  Several other major companies (Steam, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.) are also utilizing this technology.

Truthfully, this isn’t a huge thing for most users.  We’re already inundated with Netflix, Hulu, etc. and this would just be another item on the list.  It is nice to know, however, that the right kind of Sony hardware will be able to offer you these services if you don’t already happen to be flooded with players around your particular residence.

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