All Droid Incredible Owners To Receive Froyo Update By 9/3, & Droid X Should Be Soon

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Verzion Wireless has plans for all Droid Incredible customers to be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo by September 3rd. This information comes courtesy of a leaked document Droid-Life received.

If you look further down into the image, you’ll see that the Droid X is currently in the testing phase. Now whether this was just released or has been out internally for awhile at VZW, we don’t know. One thing for sure is that the update is coming.

And for you Droid Incredible owners that can’t wait for the OTA update, below you’ll find the manual install instructions and downloads.

Source [Droid-Life]


*Note 1*– This is for stock non-rooted users ONLY.

1.  Download the file from here. (DIRECT FROM GOOGLE.)
2.  Drop the file on the root of your SD card.  (Meaning, don’t put it in any folder.)


3.  Turn your phone off.
4.  Press and hold the Volume Down and Power at the same time to boot into HBOOT.
5.  When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY.”
6.  Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY.”
7.  When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
8.  Using the volume button, scroll down to “apply” and select it.
9.  Your phone will now update!
10.  It could take some time, so be patient.  When it reboots, you are on official 2.2.  Yay!

Via:  XDA Forums

Cheers Android Central for the Google Link!

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