Resident Evil: Afterlife To Have D-Box Motion Effects In Select Theatres

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To all of you anticipating the release of the fourth installment of Sony’s Resident Evil: Afterlife, there are more goodies in store for you. According to PRNewswire, “D-BOX Technologies Inc., a leader in innovative motion technology, announced today that it has reached agreement with Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation, the U.S.-based motion picture distribution arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment (“Sony Pictures”), to feature D-BOX’s immersive MFX with Resident Evil: Afterlife in selected theaters on September 10.


So does this make you want to see the movie that much more? For now, we’ll just hope that a theatre near us will be one of the screens selected to show this amazing technology. And if you want to learn more about D-BOX coding technology, hit up the link below.

Source PRNewswire

D-BOX Technology

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