Google’s Next Android Announcement: All Future OS Updates Will Occur At The Same Time?

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That’s exactly what we would love for Google to say, not only to us, but to every manufacturer and carrier Verizon included. (All updates will begin rolling out at the same time to all eligible Android devices.) This is perhaps the biggest frustration amongst Android owners. When will my device be updated? What’s taking so long? Is the carrier holding back the update?

With the growing popularity of Android, it makes sense for Google to require all manufacturers to build phones that have the minimum A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 specs so that they can be updated to at least the next 3-5 major upgrades, which should cover the number of updates in a 2-year contract. Furthermore, Google should mandate that all carriers begin rolling out the updates when they become available, or provide a manual download option.

Excluding the Nexus One, all phones have had or will have this problem. While some of us are waiting on the Froyo update, manufacturers are still releasing phones with Android 1.6 – imagine the pain those users will have!

Should they get rid of the manufacturer’s user interfaces, such as HTC Sense and MotoBlur, in hopes that it would increase the speed of updates? Just a thought! So what do you think about this growing issue? Hit up our comments and let us know!

P.S. Maybe this will happen with Android Gingerbread 3.0

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