Mafia II Wants To Give You Free Haircut And Shave

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I’m disappointed with today’s news. I wish that I weren’t. I really wish that I could get on the bandwagon. But this is too much. Even for me, this is just too much. To celebrate the launch of Mafia II, 2k games will launch something called a Barber Shop Tour. That’s correct and not a typo. 2K games will launch a Barber Shop Tour to celebrate a video game. But wait, there is more. This isn’t any ordinary Barber Shop Tour. It is Mafia II themed Barber Shop Tour. That’s right, and not a typo. Simply show up, and you will receive a free shave and a haircut. And oh yes, it is free. So you will love it.

Shoppers at six of the country’s most prominent city centre shopping malls not only have the chance to get some hands-on time with the game at Joe’s Mafia II Barber Shop, but they can also receive a free professional haircut courtesy of American Crew, a leading men’s grooming supplier. Not only that, everybody who has a shave and/or haircut will also receive a special leaflet, courtesy of popular glamour model, Lucie Self, that can be redeemed at any Game store in exchange for a fantastic free Mafia II T-shirt when they purchase a copy of the game.

It is great when people receive free leaflets. I mean T-shirts. These are the days you can get a free haircut, shave and leaflet.

Basingstoke – Festival Place                 27th August

Birmingham – Bullring Rotunda Square   28th August

Westfield – Southern Terrace               29th August

Reading – Oracle Centre                       30th August

Newcastle – Northumberland Street        1st September

Manchester – Trafford Centre                 2nd September

Mark your calendars. I know I will.

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Michelangelo Pereira

Michelangelo Pereira