Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Goes Negative

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It seems that every time we get something comic related, it just happens to land on my virtual desk. Granted, I am the resident comic nerd, so it’s not a bad thing when I get a glimpse of Spidey’s alternate costume in the Noir Universe, in the upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Merging into the shadows and earning a little boost in gliding, the Negative Suit is just what you need.


But what is the Negative suit? Other than a suit created from the the Negative Zone, harnessing antimatter to allow for seamless shadow separation… it’s nothing fancy. First showing up during Identity Crisis this is just another suit in Peter Parker’s closet to help him out in fancy situations.

[flashvideo file=http://zoknowsgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/flv/ssdnegative_zkg.flv /]

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