Portal 2 Shows Newcomer Wheatley As A Blissful Ball Of Light

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The latest video from the Valve camp does many things to tease and taunt: it gives a grim impression of how and where you start out in the run down world of Aperture Science, the enhanced and updated graphics, and then… Wheatley. What is Wheatley exactly? Well, other than a talking point of light that gives comedic relief where you would otherwise be shaking – your guess is really as good as ours.

Stephen Merchant from The Office lends his voice talents for the bouncing science ball, as you progress through the underbelly of the level in the demo. What’s striking thoughout is the enhanced graphics and overall upgraded look and feel of the playability. From the moving shadows to the crumbling plates, all of the pieces fit miraculiously into place so far. Take a peek at the video, and see if you can’t find the last few minutes, for a glimpse of a missing character.

[flashvideo file=http://zoknowsgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/flv/portal2wheatley_zkg.flv /]

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