[UPDATE] Hey Droid Incredible Owners, Have Your Update Yet?

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If you are a Droid Incredible owner, you pretty much know what’s expected today (Droid Incredible To Be Updated August 18, 2010). You’ve waited, listened to rumors, waited some more, and then heard a lot more rumors on when your phone would be updated to the latest Android OS, Froyo 2.2. To be “frank”, no one really knows outside of Verizon. We know that HTC Sense is not the problem – Froyo is running on the HTC EVO.

So here we are waiting, pressing system updates, and getting the same message, “Your system is currently up to date”, when we know it’s not. Yet we’ll continue to press it today, until 11:59pm, and then one or two more times after that, until we receive the long awaited and promised Froyo 2.2 update.

Does anyone think we’ll get something extra out of this extended wait time? Do you think our beloved Verizon Wireless is holding out on the release, until HTC gets all of the bugs currently being experienced with the EVO (calendar bug) worked out? Again, no one really knows!

Nonetheless, today is the day that has the most rumors floating around and we are anxiously waiting. So when and if you are graced with the update post it here and let us all know. Trust me, when we get the update, we’ll definitely you know. Shall we say a prayer?


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