Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Review: Press Start to Play

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Arguably, the difficulty in bringing an 8-bit game into the real of HDMI digitalism is the prospect of it being looked over because it simply it could look bad. That is to say, it my not be a bad game per say, but the idea of 56 inch pixels could overwhelm. Nonetheless Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of those games that just lets immerse you in old-school glory, and relish in it.  From combat to music – the game brings it on and you just love it.

And that’s the best part. Coming up with the latest Scott Pilgrim vs. craze, the game mixes a little of the best street-brawler like Double Dragon, and Final Fight, with a hint of static RPG’s it ties everything together in a delicious blend to chew and swallow.

And why not? The comics, the movie all dictate themselves as “the thing to file under ‘Awesome’,” so aim to the stars Ubisoft Montreal did.  Working seamlessly to play through Scott’s adventure into facing Ramona’s seven evil ex’s, players get the choice between one of the three Sex Bomb-omb’s or Ramona, gaining levels and new combos along the way.

While each character has their own set of money gain (in the form of Canadian currency) and move set, they can all follow the same path of entertainment – from a Hollywood-esq movie set, to hipster bars. Teaming up with three other friends local (sorry, no online co-op) gives you the ultimate party game to take a stab and enjoy button mashing while screaming at the UFO on the screen.


And really that’s what makes it worth the play through – the inventive fun. It’s fun to come up with a different combo to beat up this person or that person. The soundtrack, dedicated by Anamanaguchi, makes you bob and weave with the pummeling’s.  The minor downside is as you play through; you will constantly forget that you’re supposed to not enjoy bashing in the faces of people quite this much.

Plus, once you get a little further along, and “Survival Mode” has been unlocked players will be able to go in with their favorite level character with one life, and go against an endless hoard of ‘zombies’ – including mini-bosses and bosses alike.  It’s an all-out experience that leaves you breathless and buzzing, while wanting more at the same time.

It’s a game, that if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s based entirely on a pre-existing franchise, could stand on its own.  Even beside the likes of Mega Man, it’s 8-bit wonder will work to allow a shaking groove thing, and an enjoyable experience.

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