Harmonix Drops Rock Band 3 Tracks And More

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Way over in the Eastern part of the world, Gamescom is in full swing, and nobody is holding back any punches. Harmonix was there on scene today, to show off some more of what players can expect from the latest Rock Band 3. Along with the inclusion of Pro Mode, enabling a 7-person band (three singers, drummer, keytarist, bass, and lead guitar) and training mode to get you to learn an instrument, they were also hinting their latest musical updates.

It doesn’t hurt that Rock Band’s already got an impressive 400 artists already licensed, and a staggering 1500 sonds available for download already.Still, in the music world, “Bigger is better.” So adding in an additional 83 tracks and artists, they have included some of the more interesting artists like Bob Marley and Rammstein… so you better catch up on your German.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Get Up, Stand Up”
INXS – “Need You Tonight”
Poni Hoax – “Antibodies”
Rammstein – “Du Hast”
Roxette – “The Look”
Tokio Hotel – “Humanoid”
HIM – “Killing Loneliness”
Mana – “Oye Mi Amor”
Slipknot – “Before I Forget”
War – “Low Rider”

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