More Leaked Information On Motorola’s Droid Pro, Tablet, And World Edition Phone

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It appears that the previously leaked information on Motorola’s future devices for Verizon Wireless has gotten more ammunition today. Some of the devices listed on the Verizon Wireless roadmap are now appearing in their system.

According to BGR, the Droid Pro is listed as model number A957. Again this device is rumored to have a 1.3 Ghz Processor, 4” display, global roaming, with a launch date in November. There is also a device we did not mentioned earlier, the Droid 2 World Edition (two colors, black & white) focused on business – A956. Additionally, the Motorola Android slab/tablet device was also seen in the system as MZ600.

It looks as if Motorola wants to drown VZW inventory with its’ Android devices! However, we can’t say we blame them – especially if VZW were to get an iPhone. What do you think? Will you be holding out for one of these potential phones?


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