ZKG Needs YOUR Help! Calling All Potential Writers!

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For those that have stuck around through thick and thin, old and new, you have seen the progression of ZKG. Times have changed and leaps and bounds are being made: with several thousand people hitting the site a day, a steady stream of comments and the forums (which, by the way, you really should go check that out) are now in place and picking up – this place is becoming a temple. Yet with any new growth, comes new workloads and new responsibilities, and that’s where you come in.

The current staff has done incredible work in delivering some of the latest information in the Sony and PlayStation fields and more recently Tech, but we need help. Even with our amazing writers – Alex, Mike and Steve – we need more help.We simply can’t keep up with the news demands that are flooding in… and that’s a good thing. So I come to you today saying that we are taking job applications, we are allowing people to join the ranks of our writers, we need more writers to help dish out and deliver news.

Now, before you start emailing us and committing, you need to understand a few things. Even though we are in need, we do require a few things, and this isn’t just fun and *cough* er, games. For starters, this is an unpaid (i.e voluntary, no cash, pro bono) position. That means you do this out of your love for gaming, getting paid back only in knowing you got info nobody else got first, the occasional free game, staff perks (recently entire writing staff received PlayStation Plus one year subscriptions), but most important you get to get your name out there on a respected site that has tons of visibility and that’s great for up and coming writers.  Yet most of all, we need you to be reliable and ready to work with the people already on staff. They have been here before you, and they can help you – you can make this a career if you want it, you just need to know how. We can do that.

Of course, we’re not just looking solely for writers, Community Managers for the forums, Graphic Artists, Editors, Webdesigners, Personal Chefs… all of that is free game and up for grabs. The main site is WordPress based and our forums are running vBulletin just as info. All it takes is a little email saying you’re interested and either myself (Associate Editor, East Coast), Lorenzo (Founder and Editor-In-Chief), or our C.O.O. Travis and we will take care of the rest. What could you lose other than an opportunity to be apart of this?

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