What’s The September 15th Announcement HTC: Vision, Windows Phone 7 Phone, Desire HD???

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HTC has sent out invites to a special event in London for us to see what they have “dreamt up”. As it stands we know nothing about anything this event will cover. But that does and will not stop us from speculating on the matter with good information.

Several have suggested that (Engadget, Gizmodo, etc.) when the image is enhanced you can see a shape of a phone that looks like the HTC Desire HD. When we looked at the enhanced image with different levels we noticed the same thing (could have been our imagination forcing us).

There’s also talk about this possibly being the announcement of the HTC Vision, T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ smartphone, launching in September. While others seem to think this time coincides with the Windows Phone 7 Phone.

This announcement could be anything. Sense included! What do you think it will be? Hit up our comments section and vote in the poll!

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