Tony Hawk: Shred Goes Big

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An all-new Tony Hawk experience created for a younger audience – SHRED – allows players to GO BIG and feel the exhilaration of supersized skate and snowboarding using the game’s innovative, motion-sensing board controller right at their feet.

SHRED is packed to the brim with larger-than-life moments and a veritable assortment of jaw-dropping tricks – enticing kids to get off the couch and into the action. Players will be on the deck mastering over-the-top tricks, massive drops, awesome grabs and super long grinds in no time. In addition to skateboarding, aspiring snowboarders can jump on SHRED’s amazing board controller and go crazy in a completely new way. Feel the ultimate rush of shredding down the steep mountain peaks of Whistler, the French Alps and Beijing, China as they launch off huge kickers and pull off crazy spins, flips and grabs.

The full list of Skateboarders is robust and spread clean, giving something so that everyone can enjoy:

  • Tony Hawk,
  • Lyn-z Adams Hawkins,
  • Corey Duffel,
  • Sean Malto,
  • David Gonzalez,
  • Geoff Rowley,
  • Stevie Williams
  • Chaz Ortiz;
  • Travis Rice,
  • Louie Vito
  • Torah Bright.

Scheduled to hit shelves near the holidays, expect to see some upcoming aerials and kick-flips here soon.

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Michelangelo Pereira

Michelangelo Pereira