Should You Follow Steve Jobs? 16 Year Old Christian Owens Did, And He’s A Millionaire

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Success happens everyday! And now we are seeing more cases where young adults and teenagers are leveraging the internet and making millions of dollars. And ultimately getting techies like us to write about them. This is true of Christian Owens, owner of Branchr.

According to SWNS, at age 14 Christian started his first business, Mac Box Bundle, with just pocket money. Following the success of his 1st venture, he launched Branchr, “a platform for website owners to sell advertising space, and business owners to buy it.” Mac Box Bundle has made over £700,000 since it launched, while Branchr made £500,000 in its’ first year.

Christian employs eight adults across the UK and America, as well as donates money to charities. So if you are wondering what inspired him to go after the success, look no further than Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple (kudos Steve).

Christian stated that ‘I think everyone has business sense in them, they just need to gain experience and be determined to make it. There is no magical formula to business, it takes hard work, determination and the drive to do something great. My aim is to become a leading name in the world of internet and mobile advertising and push myself right to the top of the game.”

For those of you who want to learn more about Christian, check out his website

Source SWNS Via Gizmodo

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