BioShock Infinite Announced And Outlined

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After three years, awards and salutations internationally, and a heap of suspense, 2K Games and developers Irrational Games last night held a press conference to unveil a long-waited announcement to the BioShock series. “It’s a long way to come for a trailer, a demo, and a little conversation,” admitted Irrational Games founder, Ken Levine. “We also appreciate the patience you’ve had with us. It’s been three years and we’ve said nothing about what we’re doing,” yet within a few seconds, screens darkened and a fundamentally different trailer rolled, for BioShock Infinite.


Set in the 1950s, players will take control of Booker DeWitt (rather than an uncategorized persona) as he travels skyward to the floating city of Colombia. Gone are the days of the decrepit and desolate underworld of Rapture, now you will be taken to a place where civilization still exists, yet things still aren’t as they appear: “Columbia is a Death Star.”
While you may not have to run-and-gun everything that moves in the clouds of Columbia, the streets are bleek and offset: a woman brooms her stoop while her house is on fire, dead horses in the street. These things define the existence of Colombia, including barrels full of guns with signs above them reading “Patriots, arm thyself!”

With the question of “why” looming over your heads, you find yourself in Colombia for one simple reason: Elizabeth. Playing as DeWitt, you are paid as a detective to find a woman in Colombia, “The city nobody can every find.” Finding her, you realize that for one, she is incredibly strong in both telekinetic abilities, and will fight alongside you in certain portions of the game. You yourself will have access to abilities, such as a lightening strike and an ability to strike down razor blade-like attacks on your victims in Colombia.

However why Elizabeth is important, and who is keeping her is beyond Levine’s questioning right now. The worst part is that the game is currently slated for a 2012 release, giving time for rumors, pushbacks, and more teasing. At least for now, you can taunt yourself with the video and images, and sound off on the upcoming adventure.

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