HTC Releases Kernel For Droid Incredible: Froyo 2.2 Soon?

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It appears that HTC has indeed released the Kernel Source Code for the Droid Incredible, along with the EVO, Wildfire, and Aria. This is mainly a release for developers and those individuals with rooted phones. While we are certain that developers will use this to bring the “goods” to Android owners with these devices, we undoubtedly had to ask the question, “Does this mean the Droid Incredible will be updated to Froyo 2.2 shortly?” We certainly hope so!

For you developers and folks who want to download the released kernel, hit up the HTC link below. Also, check out the article we wrote a few days ago, and let us know what you think!

HTC Development Center

Froyo 2.2 Update For Droid Incredible: Did They Forget?

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