Fallout: New Vegas Reaches Out For Voice Talent

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Who says that in the wastelands, you can’t have an appealing voice? Bethesda yesterday announced that with their newest title in the Fallout Series – Fallout: New Vegas – that they have reached out and have dug deep to find a star-studded cast to fill the mutated shoes that surround the ‘what-was’ Nevada. Among some of the names are people from different forms of life: space explorers, international spies, and a level-46 cleric.

Making their appearance in the Fallout universe are players like Zach Levi (Chuck from “Chuck”) and the insatiable redhead Felicia Day ( “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog” and “The Guild”).The other list is jampacked with heavyhitters including people like Ron Pearlman and Matthew Perry, Mr. Vegas himself, Wayne Newton (you youngun’s out there better get to your youtube) and more. Here’s the complete list to oggle and check off your list of voices you never thought you would hear in a video game.

  • William Sadler (“Shawshank Redemption”),
  • Michael Dorn (“Star Trek:The Next Generation”),
  • Kris Kristofferson (“Blade Trilogy,”),
  • Danny Trejo (“Machete”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”),
  • John Doman (“Mystic River”, “The Wire”)
  • Rene Auberjonois (“Boston Legal”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”).
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