Yet Another DROID from Motorola … Verizon … DROID Pro?

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That’s exactly right folks, another DROID. Yesterday, BGR reported information about another Motorola Droid, which came straight from a Verizon Wireless Source. We listed a few specs on this new device, but later wondered, Why? Why would Motorola build another phone that varies little from the one just released (DROID 2).

The Droid 2 isn't even out yet and they have plans for a new one?

For now, we can’t answer that or any other questions regarding the matter.But what we can say is that this is just a slightly “Suped-Up” version of the DROID 2 and/or DROID X. Do we need another? Does Verizon need this phone? Shouldn’t Motorola try to sell flagship Android devices to other carriers? Is this an attempt to show Apple that “we will do well with or without you?” Could this possibly change to an LTE Device? Will it have Gingerbread 3.0?

Whatever the reason maybe, we can certainly say that, DROID DOES A LOT ON VERIZON? Let us know what you think?

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