Verizon Wireless 2010 – 2012 Roadmap … iPhone?

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According to BGR, there is a lot in store for current and potential VZW customers. While there was no talk of an iPhone, there was plenty to mull over until … let’s say … 2012.
So here is a brief rundown on what was mentioned through their Verizon Wireless Source:

  • A New DROID handset, the Motorola DROID Pro
    • 1.3GHz CPU,
    • 4″ Screen
    • Global Roaming
    • Estimated Launch, November 2010
  • More Android Devices
    • Two Global Roaming Phones from Samsung and HTC
    • “Samsung 7″ Screen Android Tablet with front-facing camera.”
    • Motorola 10” Tablet,1GHz or 1.3GHz CPU, front-facing camera, and Android 3.0.
  • LTE Deployment and Devices
    • Novatel LTE MiFi, able to support up to 10 Devices simultaneously
    • 75% US Coverage (LTE)
    • $59.99/Month Data Pricing (“This is for data cards, not smartphones”)

So what do you think about VZW potential future? Still want to see an iPhone? Hit up our comments and let us know what you think?


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