Could This Be The Perfect Storm … Blackberry Storm 3?

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We all remember when the 1st Blackberry Storm was released – excitement, long lines, more excitement, and more lines. While some may say that the phone could have been better, it was still a big game changer for Research In Motion. And really, is there ever a phone that couldn’t have been better after it was released?


The Blackberry Storm 2

With the success that Verizon Wireless and RIM both experienced with the Storm, it was inevitable that there would be a Storm 2. When it was released, the improvements were good but not mind blowing. While it capitalized on some of the mishaps of the 1st Storm and was seen by many as a success for RIM, sales were not as impressive as its predecessor.

So here we are now, with the surge of Android based devices, a new iPhone, and the Nielsen Data, which states that over 50% of all Blackberry Users, are planning to venture to another OS.

Could the BB Storm 3 change the swing in the smartphone arena? We already know that RIM has launched its new OS platform – Blackberry 6. The rest of the rumored specs for the phone are as follows:

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 5 MP Camera
  • 802.11N Wi-Fi
  • WebKit Browser
  • World Phone
  • 3G Mobile HotSpot

So now that you know what’s rumored, what would you like to see in the next Storm? What would you change? Or would you just rather a phone like or similar to the BB Torch on the Verizon Network?

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