Little Big Planet 2 Teases Sackboy’s “Adventure” And New Toys

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Arguably, one of the biggest sequels heading to the PlayStation this year is the return of a little guy made of felt. With Little Big Planet 2 prompting you to think completely outside the box in customizable worlds, characters, and now AI, how could anyone not get excited? Those silly chaps over at Media Molecule dropped a trailer, dishing out the ‘Adventure’ mode and what to expect. Full of new levels, weapons, and gadgets, the sequel is heading out of this world.


Hinted in the video, we see that the plot in the game is to save Craftworld from the nefarious, vacuum-like Negativatron, running, throwing, shooting, and flying” through time and space.”The Sack-bots, the programmable AI, make an appearance which means they will play a role in the game as well as your own diverse world, along with several new ways to play. The grapple hook, Creatinator (a foam-like gun that helps create stepping stones or weapons), and the Power Glove to help you pick up things and hurl them at your enemies (very Super Mario Bros. 2). Take a peek at the video and see what you think, and what you can surmise for our little felt-friend.

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