NBA Elite 11 Dishes Out Control Mechanics, Physics, And Additions

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With the news that NBA Jam would ship with the latest edition of NBA Elite 11 (previously the NBA Live series), people have been rushing the court for more information on the game and what was to be included overall in the game. Thankfully, over on the Playstation Blog today some things were detailed in excess: primarily the changes in the control scheme, the physics engine, and some more information on the NBA Jam update.

The biggest change that has essentially changed the game’s name, is it’s control scheme – which EA Sports has coined the Hands-On Control System. No more will your actions be based on computer-generated stats and probability on sinking the bucket, but you will actually have controllable skill on your characters. Everything from offense to defense, dribbling and linking movements together are all controllable. Unfortunately, they didn’t have an example of how, but it can be assumed that it’s something akin to the system set up in SKATE.

The other interesting feature was the addition of the NHL, FIFA, and Fight Night physics engines, bringing together a unique and more realistic feeling basketball simulator. Now, the ball and player will move in the way an actual player will. This will cause some some returning players some getting-used to, and new players a slight advantage, yet overall it will fall together seamlessly.

Plus, to even it out, a game of two-on-two arcade style in NBA Jam will make everything right. Players will be able to go back and experience the exact same game they played in their heyday, except with updated team rosters, full HD and graphics. EA Teases with the addition of two more modes that will come along with NBA Jam, but we will have to stay tuned for more. In the meantime, you can prep yourself with exercises in yelling foul and screaming at the ref while you learn the new control scheme.

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