“Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock” Tackles Quest Mode

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With the addition of the latest play mode onto the next installment of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, not much has been said exactly on how it works, other than it will involve going up against the fabled “Beast” of rock, a mythic guitar, and an eight-character roster that you could tap into their inner-creature to gain the upper hand throughout the game. That’s why Activision has dropped some details on how the play will work, including some additional star power and some interesting role-playing elements.

Looking debonaire and handsome in our title image, the Demi-god of Rock – the essence of all that is headbanger – has fought and lost against the mechanical and evil “Beast.” Separated from his Axe of Power, he calls from a tomb of encased rock to eight different potential saviors of rock-n-roll, to find their inner beast and strike back against the Beast, finishing what he couldn’t. While on the surface it seems goofy and redundant, keep in mind that the essence of the game is in tact. With Gene Simmons of KISS lending a hand for the voice acting, piloting you through each trial and each section of the characters, it should give off a feel of epic finality.

As for your could-be rockers, each potential is given a unique power that will aid them throughout the game: Axle can revive himself in case he fails, Lars extends the multiplier further than 8x, newcomer Casey makes your crowd intense and always ready. combining four of these players together into a band at the end after mastering their art will allow you to take on the Beast in an epic six-part to eight-part duel, using their abilities to your advantage and having to win by skill, endurance, and accumulating enough Stars.

Being the first time that Guitar Hero has done something this ostentatious, it will certainly be something out of the ordinary in the realm of rhythm games. If they can pull it off, they could definately have something to brag about, and not just how frontman Simmons graced their presence.

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