Medal Of Honor – PlayStation Gets Hands On With The Latest Post-E3 Game Build

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After a visit to EA’s Redwood Shores campus to see the latest game build of Medal Of Honor, Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation’s social media guru reveals on the official Playstation Blog some answers to questions posed by gamer’s in the past week.

Regarding new content a mission was demonstrated from the single player mode involving a sniper perched high above an enemy encampment in the Afghan mountains as he picked off a number of enemies. This eventually drew attention to his location and as the enemies let loose with mortar fire the player then switched over to reverse imaging to spot both artillery operators and counter snipers hiding in the brush. He then went on to put high-caliber rounds in their skulls from over a kilometer away. Jeff Rubenstein explains “The audio was a standout here; the crackle of your Commanding Officer’s orders over the radio and your spotter’s instructions seemed as true to life as most of us will ever get to a behind-enemy-lines situation.”

In other MoH news the beta has been extended in both time and scope. Gamer’s who have purchased Battlefield 1943 on PSN should now have full access to the MoH beta. See Twitter for more details.

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