Gravity Crash Portable Crashes On To The Small Screen

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Gravity Crash Portable for PSP will be released on July 20th for $9.99. Several changes have been made to the PSP version of the game based on user feedback on the PS3 version.

New Features:

  • Additional Third Ship – The new ship is an anti-gravity ship so when playing, if you let go of the analog stick you will no longer plunge to your death.
  • Increased Special Weapon Slots – the slots have been increased from 3 to 5.
  • Increased Number Of Weapon Pickups
  • Primary Objectives More Recognizable – objectives will now appear on the radar in big flashing dots.
  • Removed Old-School Concept – the original game used three lives and then Game Over. Now if you get Game Over, you can start from where you left off.
  • Rewritten Editor – changes to the “paint” aspect of the editor, to make it faster and cleverer in relation to holes.
  • New Game Mode – a Survivor mode has now been introduced, where you have an ever-decreasing time limit, but an ever increasing difficulty level, in which to collect 10 gems.
  • Unlocked Hidden Content – The Gold Grabber is available from the start, which was only unlocked by completing the game on the PS3 version.

Despite the changes, the game retains the same frenetic gameplay as the PS3 version, perhaps more so due to the smaller screen size. What started off as just making a PSP version has turned into much more. For more information on Gravity Crash Portable and a more detailed explanation on level sharing visit the official Playstation Blog.

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