“Top Gun” Lands on the Tarmac This Summer

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For anyone growing up in the 80s, wanting to fly into the danger zone (and without having to try and do it on the NES version of the game), you’ll have your chance to fly with Maverick, Goose and the rest of the cast in PlayReplay’s upcoming Top Gun. Players will be able to sign on and head to Flight School, where they will compete for Top Gun, then head online for 16-player skirmishes action. It’s all in a day’s work for the best of the best.


Stepping into the jumpsuit of Maverick, you’ll enroll into Flight School, where you’ll learn the basics and team up with Goose to tackle things like Tunnel Vision and After Burn. From there, you’ll have the option of going into Campaign Mode, where you will go through 11 missions similar to the film – flying and fighting above the Indian Ocean – or Hoard Mode, where players will play for points rather than objectives. Shooting down relentless amounts of AI enemies, the player will climb the leaderboard to make it to number one, because there is no room on the ladder for number two.

Along with the solo missions, players will have the option to play online with friends in six different game variants, ranging between Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Bombing Run, Top Gun (2 vs. 2) and more. Each match will support up to 16 players, and will give a full support of six different upgradeable aircraft. So strap in, get yourself a callsign and get ready to get into the danger zone.

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