Madden NFL 11 Team Ratings, Screens, Video: NFC East And NFC West

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As the August 10th launch of Madden NFL 11 approaches, gear up with team-specific assets, featuring two divisions per week, through the month of July. This week, the focus is on the NFC North and NFC South. Check them out and let us know what you think about your teams rating. In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys are the clear favorite and most highly rated while NFC West clearly has some catching up to do judging from these team ratings. I don’t know about Desean Jackson’s 99 SPD rating though, I mean he is fast but that fast? That must mean Chris Johnson is like a 100, hmm I wonder who would win in a foot race?


The Cowboys Hope He Will Be Catching Lots Of These This Season

The teams are rated as follows in Madden NFL 11:

NFC East Team Ratings:

• Dallas Cowboys – 87 (T-6th overall)

• New York Giants – 81 (13th overall)

• Philadelphia Eagles – 80 (14th overall)

• Washington Redskins – 76 (22nd overall)

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NFC West Team Ratings:

• Arizona Cardinals – 79 (T-15th overall)

• San Francisco 49ers – 79 (T-15th overall)

• Seattle Seahawks – 75 (T-23rd overall)

• St. Louis Rams – 66 (32nd overall)

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Up next week: NFC North and NFC South

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