“The Dead Rising 2 – Zombrex Edition” Keeps The Decaying Doctor Away

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Capcom announced yesterday that instead of giving you a little action figure (no offense Europe… the little zombie is kinda cute), here in the states they want to make sure that you stick around for a long time playing their games. For $79.99 your game is going to get decked out with all of the bells and whistles to help you survive the zombie apocalypse till there’s nobody left but you.

Available at launch on September 28th, you will find your copy of the game nestled securely in a metal casing, protecting it and a “Making of ” featurette. For those with the Xbox 360, you are privy to receive a Zombrex Dead Rising Run film, while PS3 owners get voucher for a dynamic theme. Not only is there some extra content (and the state of mind knowing you’re safe in a zombie attack), but you also get a heap of other goodies as well:

  • 25-page prescription pad (which can’t be used for scripts)
  • Zombie information card
  • Sales Brochure
  • Loaded life-saving syringe (Which strikingly resembles a pen)

So all in all you have to ask yourself – is it worth the extra $20 to know you’re safe and have the means for survival, or not?

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