Activision Announces “Apache: Air Assault”

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The Russian developers over at Gaijin Entertainment are taken to the skies this fall with the release of Apache: Air Assault, giving you to the chance to pilot 16 different helicopters, instead of a little plane or jet. Preventing terrorist attacks, you will take flight with the most advanced weaponry that is available while you head into the most the dangerous warzones.


Giving you the option of pluggin into “Arcade” mode for a simple ‘run-and-gun’ game, “Realistic” mode where you are pitted against precision and patience. Apache: Air Assault will actually take you from the coasts of Africa, to the jungles of Central America on your missions. Of course, if that seems a little boring or you finish up early, you can do local or online co-op, or head into multiplayer, taking advantage of their different variants – Deathmatch, Deathstrike, Capture the LZ, and Ground Strike.

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