Sony Needs YOUR Help! Recommend Playstation Plus Material Now!

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Have you just gotten or do you have PlayStation Plus? Did you find it somewhat lackluster or perhaps you enjoyed what you found, but just wanted a little more? Well thankfully Sony and PlayStation are beating you to the punch and are going to help you out prematurely. Starting right now, you can actually head onto the forums and make your claims known, giving you a voice on what really matters.

To make sure you get the best out of each month, simply head onto the Official Playstation Blog and tell them what would you want to see in terms of:

  • PSN Titles
  • PS One Classics
  • Minis
  • PS3 Titles for full game trials

It’s that simple. Just keep your requests in that order, and they will see what they can do. This way, PlayStation will be able to help gear their releases more towards the wants and the needs of their players and the people that really matter. It sounds crazy… a company doing something for the people that actually pay for it, doesn’t it?

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