Hothead Games Discusses Combat In DeathSpank, Available Now On PSN

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DeathSpank is an action-RPG mixed with adventure gameplay, described like Diablo meets Monkey Island which is appropriate since the co-creator of Monkey Island was the Creative Director for the game. The game is set to feature a ton of action, a ton of loot and be as funny as hell.

Combat is approachable but with surprising depth. Gamers should be able to pick up the game and figure it out immediately but make little discoveries as they continue to play. The first thing gamers will use are mortal weapons, a large collection of blunt objects and sharp things to do physical damage to enemies. The game also includes elemental weapons. These are imbued with mystic energies that are more effective on the right enemy. For example, you can use fire weapons on ice monsters and nature weapons on ghosts, adding tactical choice to combat.

There  are also the Weapons Of Justice, crazy-powerful items that are most effective when DeathSpank’s Justice meter is full. The meter fills either slowly by button mashing or the fast, fun way by creating your own combos using a variety of weapons. Weapons of Justice can fling lightning, stun enemies or drive them into the ground. Then there are the Runestones which are looted from extremely hard to kill creatures but give DeathSpank some of his coolest abilities. To use a Runestone, DeathSpank uses a Weapon of Justice in one hand and an elemental weapon in the other in a two-handed strike for devastating results. Enemies are flung into the sky by geysers, have souls pulled out of them or are filled with dozens of flaming swords.

DeathSpank will also feature things like tactically divine airstrikes, poison-coated crossbow bolts, and portable black hole. Not forgetting that there’s a whole defensive side to DeathSpank, with dozens of potions and over a hundred pieces of unique armor. DeathSpank is now available for download on PSN. For more information on DeathSpank visit the official Playstation Blog.

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