Gamers Try To Break The Nonstop Gaming Record Using Vogel’s TwistDock

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It’s that time of year where you’ll find gamers spending their summer breaking records and beating scores, but this one is a little unique…

In the Netherlands at the local gaming chain, Dixons, six gamers will attempt to play “Red Dead Redemption” from July 16th till July 18th, beating the previous nonstop record of 40 hours. The winner will have their name in the Guinness World Record, 1,000 Euro, and they get ot take home the device that is make this possible: the Vogel TwistDock.

A rotational docking station, the device helps charge two controllers, while also snuggly strapping up all of your cords so that they are cleanly out of sight and mind. Not only that, it also adds in an additional four USB ports. “During this attempt to break the record, it’s all about stamina and perseverance. The current gaming Guinness World Record in the racing category is 40 hours,” said Albert Zeeman, VP of Innovations, Vogel’s and the inspiration for the record breaking attempt. “Of course, we want to beat this record. And we’ll find out if we do on July 18th. Exciting!”

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