Call of Duty Resurgence Pack Breakdown

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zkgmw2ra1With five new maps to make the gameplay more interesting, it’s time to get in the trenches and see what’s really going on in each of the maps.If you’ve spent your hard-earned $15 bucks on the maps, then you have to know what you’re getting into. Thankfully ZKG is here to give you the skinny, before you go running into a snipers nest. Yet before you head into the heart of a gunfight, make sure that you’re going into the “Resurgence” or “Hardcore Resurgence” playlist to actually get access to the maps and variants. There are also new mosh-pits that have disabled Killstreak Rewards, aptly titled “Barebones Pro” and “Objective Barebones Pro.” These will also use the maps but different rules apply so just be ready.

Now as for the maps, three have been created entirely new, while two are returning favorites from “Call of Duty 4.” Maps like Vacant and Strike make a return, yet with key differences that give players a new tactical choice in starting out: things like the upper levels of the flower shop now being open in Strike or now the back gate leading to the office complex in Vacant.

As for the new maps, Carnival is the most impressive, letting you run around in a decrepit, run down amusement park. Set up for more objective-style gameplay, this is a map for all players: if you’re a sniper you can head up to the “World of Tomorrow,” or the remains of the roller coaster “Dragon’s Den.” With specific places and locations, this is your best bet for team play and spotting the opposing team.

Trailer Park on the other hand, a close up, tight-knit map that throws you right in the middle of a dilapidated… well, trailer park. With busted metal, stretched chain-link fencing everywhere you see, and clusters of recreational equipment, you have to stay on your toes at all times. It’s a very different map compared to Fuel, which is a sniper’s paradise. Even though you may have a tunnel or two to get you from one side of the map to the other, get stuck above ground, and you’re hit with an open field, perfect for the snipers atop the oil refinery at the opposite end to pick-and-choose their target.

Each map will push you to rethink how you play your game, and give you something new to talk about. Are you going to finally learn to snipe with deadly accuracy, or stick to the shadows and your trusty shotgun? The choices are going to come up and come fast.

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