[UPDATED] Warning To LEGO Harry Potter Players: Avoid The Basement Of Doom Glitch

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Solution For Basement Of Doom Glitch (PS3)

Okay so here’s the update. Someone has posted a solution on GameSpot and I have now officially verified that this works personally. I am unaware if this solution works across all the consoles but it definitely works for PS3. Here it is:

– Play as Hermoine and select her cat on the spell wheel
– Head over to the far left corner of the Basement Of Doom and jump as far left into it as you can with Hermoine
– This will kill the character but after jumping rapidly press the ‘release pet’ button (circle for ps3). You will need the Fall Rescue red brick turned off in the Extras menu since Hermoine needs to die. I’d turn them all off anyway just to make sure.
– It will take a few attempts but the cat should eventually appear in the classroom above
– Then all you have to do is leave the classroom and continue the game. Make sure you do something that autosaves the game elsewhere in Hogwarts so that you won’t reappear in the Basement Of Doom.

ZoKnowsGaming wishes to issue a friendly warning to gamers currently playing LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 – 4. What’s come to be known as the Basement Of Doom glitch is quite possibly the worst glitch in any game I’ve come across, one that I have personally just fallen into myself. It’s a glitch that should have been glaringly obvious to any Quality Assurance tester and rectified before release. As a consequence hundreds of angry gamers have been permanently stuck in the Basement Of Doom for days on end, some even from the game’s launch date. This problem appears to affect the game across multiple platforms, not just on the PS3 but on both the Xbox 360 and Wii too.

Many gamer’s have persistently informed both publisher Warner Bros Interactive and developer Traveller’s Tales of the glitch and at present the only replies have been unsatisfying, only that the issue is currently being looked into and that they are working on a fix. From the huge numbers of gamer’s currently stuck in the Basement Of Doom this is clearly a global issue and many are saying had it been companies such as Rockstar or Activision involved a problem of this magnitude would have been resolved quickly.  In desperation gamer’s have resorted to a smear campaign, writing bad reviews for the game on Amazon and elsewhere on the internet in the hope that an affect on sales will spur the company into providing a patch to resolve the issue. Those who haven’t waited for the patch have been forced to start over the game from scratch, for the rest of us still stuck in the Basement Of Doom, we are still waiting, and waiting… and waiting. As soon as we get any further information on when or if the patch will be forthcoming we will let you know.

How To Avoid The Basement Of Doom Glitch

There are two possible ways this glitch can occur, both of them towards the very end of the game which for most gamer’s is after putting a large amount of time into the game. It occurs in the Year 4 storyline after you complete the lesson to learn the Reducto spell. If after you have learned this new spell you explore Hogwart’s to access new areas with Reducto it is likely you will come across the glitch. Alternatively you may wait until after completing the storyline before exploring Hogwart’s and come across it. Either way the result is the same. The Basement Of Doom is accessible from the classroom that you learned the Wingardium Leviosa spell in the 1st Year storyline via a hatch in the floor sealed by a silver padlock. If you enter this hatch you will fall into the basement and like hundreds of others be stuck there until a patch is released. Avoid it at all costs.

If you do fall down into the Basement Of Doom there have been a few reports on the forums of people escaping unscathed. One method is to return to the Leaky Cauldron and then return to Hogwarts. Sometimes it will start you back in the classroom but for the vast majority it will restart in the basement. Other reports suggest that you should avoid anything that will make the game autosave whilst down in the basement, get out and then when you go back down the glitch should have disappeared. Others say that when you jump on the dragon’s head for the first time don’t move your character left or right as you jump, just let it propel you straight up out of the basement and when you return down there the glitch should have vanished. I can’t verify any of these methods work. My best advice is to avoid it altogether and if you are going for 100% completion make sure you have done every other possible thing and save the Basement Of Doom for last.

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