The Family Feud Starts Today on the PSN

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Once a day-time television show to decide which five-person family knew more in a given category. Tomorrow, you can square off against others online via the PSN.

Get Your Feud On

Developed by Ludia Games (the same people that brought you American Idol), the game will work by giving you “head of the family” status as you square off against another family – either in online or solo play. Choosing from randomized categories, the surveys will then have been asked by 100 different people to give you your answers.

During a solo match, players will log-on with their “family” that they have customized and created, to go through an exact play style of a regular game. Along with those everyday episodes, players will have the bonus of things like Strike-outs, “Fast-money” rounds, Stealing, and face-off’s for more points. Playing online, you will have access to more excitable experiences to keep yourself busy with things like customizable avatars and family members, weekly reward games and more.

All of the scores collectively will show up on the PSN network, so you can see how you fair with others in the area. So challenge you friends and see who knows more about “what belongs in a kitchen.”

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