Pre-Order DJ Hero 2, Get a Puma Shoulder Bag at Gamestop

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Gamestop always has the gift that keeps on giving of you know when to sign up for your new games and accessories…

I gotta get me one of these bags, they kinda hot

With the release of Activision’s latest rhythm game sequel dropping at the end of October, Gamestop was quick to work up a deal, bringing you an interesting way to move around your turntables, without that pesky Jay-Z chest from the first installment.

With the pre-order of the Turntable Bundle (that’s the game and one standard turntable) for $99.99, or the fancier Party Bundle, equipped with game, microphone and TWO turntables, for $149.99, you get a handy-dandy “controller bag” from Puma. In reality it’s a gutted messenger bag, but who cares if it sells product, right? You can head over to Gamestop’s website right now and pre-order your copy for your desired console, or head over to the store. After all, with names like Lady Gaga, how could you turn that down?

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